Restaurant & Banquets

Restaurants & Banquet

The Commonwealth Restaurant


58 PAX

A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offering our resident & non-resident guests an option of all-day dining with vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

The Westdown Diner


54 PAX

A multi-cuisine grill restaurant with live display of cooking at open garden surrounding trees, with an option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. An ideal place to have get-togethers, birthday parties, Alumni, Kitty Parties etc…

Private Dining Room (PDR)


10 PAX

Experience the ultimate form of privacy during a private meal at specially designed private dining room for High Esteemed Guests especially staying at the Victorian Suites and Privileged Services for all to treat their delegates / Guests in the best possible manner. This room is facilitated on the house if Victorian Suites are reserved together.

Outdoor Cafe


16 PAX

An outdoor seating , especially meant for couples to spend their honeymoon with full privacy amidst greens. Beverages with Finger picked dishes shall give you to be together here. A place restricted for kids to surf.

Bonfire Dining


25 PAX

A private dining arena in the open with huge fire in between the net-cage, surrounded by wooden logs for seating and a soft music being played at the background; an ideal place for a honeymoon couple, family reunions, get-togethers etc.. A booking is a must for dining at this place.

One Hundred (The Bar)


18 PAX

You do not restrict yourself to talk softly or think about whether the neighbor is listening . A place to be in a perfect company of yourself and leave the world behind . Enjoy your self.

Westbury Hall – The Banquet

500 PAX

The 1500 square feet hall is perfect for Birthday Parties, Kitty Parties, Product Launches, Seminars, Workshops, Board meetings. You can count on our well efficient team to ensure seamless flow of your event. The hall opens towards the Outdoor Restaurant; which can be utilized for dining while the gathering in the hall is in progress.